Advice from Intellichoice: Top 12 SUVs and Crossovers that are Better Purchased Used than New

Intellichoice recommends 12 SUV / Crossover vehicles that have a better value purchased as a used vehicle versus new.

How can I get the best deal on a vehicle? There are many ways to ensure you get a good deal and various factors to be considered before one can answer. We took one approach by analyzing the various factors and have identified vehicles that are better off purchased as a used car versus new. IntelliChoice's used car ownership costs cover the latest three used model years (the most likely years offered as certified under manufacturer pre-owned vehicle programs); however, they are still based on a five-year projection of what a vehicle will cost to own and operate during that time. A vehicle in the most recent used year is assumed to already have 14,000 miles, and so on. Notably, most used vehicles have already taken the heaviest hit on depreciation costs, so many one- to three-year-old models will see that cost level off, while the areas of maintenance and repairs will rise as the vehicle ages. Bottom line, let someone else take the hit on depreciation costs.

Top SUV / Crossovers Better Value Used Than New