Advice: Ready to Buy

There are few things better than getting a new car and for some, few things are worse than shopping for one. The high pressure and sometimes questionable sales tactics dealers employ and take all the fun out of what should be an exciting purchase. But times are changing, and there are more ways of buying a car than ever before. Knowing your options is the best way to help ensure you get a great deal.
Congratulations! You and the salesperson have finally come to terms on a fair price for your new dream car. You even managed to get a reasonable trade-in value for that old heap you've been driving. You passed a credit check and the nice salesperson quoted you a very competitive figure on a dealer-arranged loan or lease. It's taken an eternity, but you can almost... Read More
So what price should you pay? Realistically, you should set your goal to purchase the new car at no more than IntelliChoice's target price, minus any available current factory-to-customer rebates. Our target price is calculated using the dealer invoice as a baseline, factoring... Read More
Take-it-or-leave-it price tags have suddenly become all the rage in the auto industry. A handful of enlightened individual dealers across the country, as well as all the dealers of one automaker, have decided to face head-on the traditional notion that the new-car showroom should take on the atmosphere of a third-world bazaar.... Read More
Keep in mind that a dealer can charge any price the market will bear for a car. In most cases, the target prices on our website will be enough to give the dealer a fair profit and you a fair price.... Read More
Every car on a dealer's lot will have a window sticker showing the manufacturer's suggested retail price. (This sticker is known as a Monroney sticker in the trade.) But a dealer will often add a second window sticker. This can be a gold mine of added profit for a dealer. The sticker may include charges for worthwhile dealer-installed options, but it may also include... Read More
>Wouldn't it be a relief if new-car prices were no more negotiable than a can of tuna at the supermarket? Unfortunately, that's not the nature of the game - and in many ways it is a game. Unless you've been trained, don't expect to beat the dealer; he or she... Read More
Best Time of Year
The winter months usually present good bargaining opportunities. With increased cash outlays for clothing, utility bills and holiday expenses, auto sales are slow and salespeople are eager to make a deal. The summer months can also be a good time to shop. This ... Read More
There are few things better than getting a new car and, for many folks, few things worse than shopping for one. Car dealers in general don't have the best reputation, and for good reason. The high pressure - and sometimes, sleazy - sales tactics... Read More
Regardless of how you locate it, sooner or later you'll come face-to-face with your potential new ride. If you're not used to driving with a critical eye, ear and backside, take a knowledgeable friend who is. Although many of the following questions may seem too obvious to mention, they're easy to forget when you're caught up in the buying process. Keep ... Read More
Will you be towing or carrying heavy cargo on a regular basis?

Consider a pickup or an SUV. Look into the factory tow package and make sure the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is compatible with the weight you'll be hauling. 4x4s usually have stronger drivetrain/powertrain components than 4x2s. If you're... Read More

Once you've narrowed down your vehicle list to just a few models you'll have some financial decisions to make. Do you want to lease or buy? Leasing may be a nice fit if you prefer to get into a brand-new vehicle every couple of years or if you don't want to cough up a large down payment (or any down payment). It may also be a good alternative if you don't... Read More
With your detailed list completed, it's time for some hands-on experience with the vehicles that seem best suited to your needs and desires. The internet can be helpful here as well, as you may be able to check what kind of vehicles your local dealerships have in stock. ... Read More
Due to the sheer volume of vehicles and features available to choose from, research on the buyer's part is imperative. By visiting our website, you're arming yourself with the knowledge needed to become an educated shopper. The internet has become an invaluable tool for the process of car research. offers reviews, safety ratings, best values and current incentives on every major make, model and trim level offered in the U.S. While online, check out... Read More