2015 Motorist Choice Award Winners

Motorist Choice 2015

The Motorist Choice Awards were designed by AutoPacific and IntelliChoice to recognize the cars and trucks that delivered both the highest customer satisfaction and the lowest total cost of ownership. The awards take AutoPacific’s car owner satisfaction survey data from new car and truck buyers and combine that vehicle research data with IntelliChoice’s proprietary car cost of ownership rating methodology to create a new kind of award that speaks to both the hearts and wallets of car buyers. Click on the links below to see the 2015 Motorist Choice Award winning vehicles in each class!

Aspirational Luxury Car
Compact Car
Compact Crossover SUV
Compact Pickup
Economy Car
Heavy-Duty Pickup
Large Crossover SUV
Light-Duty Pickup
Luxury Car
Luxury Crossover SUV
Luxury Mid-Size Car
Mid-Size Car
Mid-Size Crossover SUV
Mid-Size SUV
Premium Compact Car
Premium Luxury Crossover SUV
Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV
Sports Car