1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 4Dr Sedan

used 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 4Dr Sedan Fuel: 15 mpg city / 21 mpg hwy
MSRP: $87,500
The 1997 S-Class is available in six models - The BOVY winning standard wheelbase S320, S320, S420, S500 and S600 sedans and the S500 coupe. New standard features include an infrared rain sensor which adjusts wiper speed according to amounts of rainfall, side impact airbags and a integrated garage door opener. A new Parktronic System calculates the vehicles distance from nearby objects using sound waves, when objects are detected the driver is alerted by visual and audio signals. The S-series, is in it+s six year after being introduced with plans to be replaced in year 2000. Mercedes Benz has lifetime roadside assistance for their entire model line. For more information on the S-series see the Mercedes Benz 600 series reports.
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1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 Value Calculator

Research the used 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 resale value to see its estimated worth after you leave the dealership (note that very new vehicles may not initially have values available). The chart below (if available) will show you the estimated 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 resale values based on mileage and condition.

Mileage Trade-In Value Retail Value
Rough Average Clean Excellent
215001 - 225000-$160$964$1,914$4,414
205001 - 215000-$94$1,030$1,980$4,480
195001 - 205000$11$1,136$2,086$4,586
185001 - 195000$158$1,283$2,233$4,733
175001 - 185000$346$1,471$2,421$4,921
165001 - 175000$574$1,699$2,649$5,149
155001 - 165000$844$1,969$2,919$5,419
145001 - 155000$1,154$2,279$3,229$5,729
135001 - 145000$1,506$2,631$3,581$6,081
125001 - 135000$1,898$3,023$3,973$6,473
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used 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500 4Dr Sedan
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